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    Electric Ruler

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    Standby Pocket Ruler

    This measuring wheel can measure irregular surfaces such as fabric and body measurements, making it suitable for professionals.

    It is small enough to fit into your pocket and you can easily take it anywhere you go.


    Various Applications:
    Suitable for straight line measurement, arc measurement, arbitrary curve measurement, irregular surface measurement, and cylinder diameter measurement in daily life and work. 

    Long Battery Life:
    Comes with a built-in 200mAh low internal resistance lithium polymer battery, once fully charged, it can achieve ultra-long standby up to 200 days. Charge for 5 minutes and last 2 hours.

    LCD Digital Screen:
    Rolling whatever you need to and you can easily read the result from the LCD. Worry-free from the tiny graduation of traditional rulers.

    High-quality Materials:
    Made of aluminum alloy, high-hardness plexiglass and ABS materials, scratch resistance, and impact resistance.

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    Electric Ruler
    Electric Ruler

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