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    Mini Phone Holder

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    Invisible Design Phone Holder

    Made of aluminum alloy making the stander durable, and the unique design gives the kickstand a sturdy supporting force.

    Comfortable to put into a pocket for the kickstand phone is thin and has a max weight of 10 g, and you don't even notice it is there.


    πŸ“± Stability:Β 
    The phone holder forms a triangular and stable force during use, and will not shake or fall when tapping the screen.

    πŸ“± Tough & Durable:
    Made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy for rugged stability.

    πŸ“± Slim & Light:
    The Smallest Pocket Stand, without a bulky base, thin and light, you can put it in your pocket and carry it anywhere.

    πŸ“± Wireless Charging Friendly:
    Flexible positioning allows you to keep using wireless charging with your stand on.

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    Mini Phone Holder

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