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    Non Stick Rice Paddle

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    Makes Cooking Time Even Better.

    With high-temperature resistance and no deformation, it is very convenient to serve rice.

    It can stand hygienically and cleanly, and the spoon does not occupy the table.


    Smart Design:
    The vertical handle design is used, which is clean and hygienic. The spoon does not touch the table, which is very clean and hygienic.

    High-Quality Material:
    Made of high-quality PC material, the edges are rounded without burrs, with raised particles on both sides to prevent the rice from sticking

    Comfortable Grip:
    The handle is hollow, round, with smooth edges, suitable for adults and children to grasp, and the handle is thickened to prevent scalding.

    Easy to Clean:
    Very easy to clean, just rinse it under running water, and easy to use, it is your essential kitchen gadget.

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    Non Stick Rice Paddle

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