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    Travel-sized Bottles

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    Effective Travel Accessory

    Hold what you need, making your travel or vacation so much easier. It is convenient to carry.

    The wide opening makes it easy to fill with shampoo, conditioner, or lotion. Easily fits a brush to clean the inside of the tubes.


    🧴 Leakproof:
    Sealing leakproof design can prevent your expensive cosmetics from leaking during travel and making your luggage a mess.

    🧴 Multiple Usage:
    Suitable for any product like Conditioner, Lotion, Sunscreen, Shampoo, Body Wash, Face Cream, etc.

    🧴 Perfect Size: 
    A good choice for business trips, fitness centers, Sunshine Beach, and camping.

    🧴 Safe Materials:
    Safe high-quality silicone + PP material, BPA free, super compression resistance, lightness, and waterproof.

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    Travel-sized Bottles

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